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best swim jig setup

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59 So, to keep yourself headed in the right direction, make sure to practice sighting, the skill of finding a point in the distance and swimming to it. FEATURED PRODUCT:-Lowen’s Signature Swim Jig Head:’s Signature Flash Skirts: Skeleton V2 7’6” Heavy Bill Lowen Swim Jig Rod:’s Team Lite Speed Spool Casting Reel: Grand Slam Braid Green, 30lb: Kota Talon Shallow Water Anchor: Pro Bass Boat by Xpress Boats: Outboards V MAX SHO 250hp: US: =========Wired2fish is one of the most popular recreational fishing brands in the world. The best swim jig bass fishing set up is a solid baitcasting rod and reel. Downward motion diminishes the body's forward propulsion and makes your efficiency decline dramatically. 20cm from tip of head to the end of the arms which allows you to spread out the arms enough to ensure that the swim baits are seperated enough to ensure the "schooling effect". 6th Sense Divine Swim Jig Fishing Lure (Dark Water Gill, 1/2 oz) BESTSELLER NO. As for swim jig and trailer colors, Branum and Newberry will experiment each day to see what bass are biting on best. In the fall as the water temperatures have … Interestingly, a swim jig is gaining popularity in the must-haves category among top bass pros and Hackney says there is good reason why. SILANON Bass Football Jigs Set-6pcs Weedless Jig Head Silicone Skirts Weedguard System Swim Jigs Fishing Lure Kit for Bass Fishing 1/4oz,3/8oz 4.4 out of 5 stars 25 $13.59 $ 13 . If done poorly, it will make you labor far too hard and force you to spend needless extra time in the water. And they are great for species other than bass. It has taken me a few years to get this swim jig technique on point. Just after your hand enters the water, start the catch higher and pull the water back rather allowing any downward motion. GMAN does the work for us - he shares his go-to swim jig/trailer combo and rod setup … Aside from a complete mental breakdown in the middle of the swim, nothing is more detrimental to your success than swimming in a zig-zag pattern all the way down what is intended to be a straight path. Fast forward 25 years, and swimming a jig is a prominent pattern in fishing from coast to coast, from Wisconsin to Louisiana. How to Fish a Swim Jigs, A crash course in swim jigs for bass A lot of the best techniques are born by accident or maybe by necessity. Imitates a school of Shad Swimming. SILANON Bass Football Jigs Set-6pcs Weedless Jig Head Silicone Skirts Weedguard System Swim Jigs Fishing Lure Kit for Bass Fishing 1/4oz,3/8oz 4.3 out of 5 stars 21 $13.59 $ 13 . The strong kick keeps the body moving through the water, as it allows for the hips to remain high. This article with tips for how to fish a swim jig for bass will take you through spring, summer, fall and winter bass fishing tips. I think simultaneously several guys were figuring it out and making jigs specifically designed for this technique to get better hook ups. Bass fishing with Swim jigs has increased in popularity the last few years. 8pk + Finesse Shroomz Jig Heads 5pk (Green Pumpkin) + How to Fish The Ned Rig Guide. Keeping the body from the natural dip caused by raising the head, the kick keeps you as close to efficient as possible. This type of rod will also give you some meat to hook up those bass in cover. Horton gave up one of his best kept secrets and admitted he might have angered a few friends over it. 8 willow leaf blades really emphasizes the shad school effect by providing "flashing" under water. To get the most out of swimming a jig, Cox has done a lot of experimenting and says he’s settled on not one, but four different swim jigs. Swim Jig. ! This video is full of tips and tricks to make you more effective at fishing a swim jig. In early spring or cold water situations, Hackney tips his jig with a Strike King KVD Chunk that has a big profile, but less action. FLW Tour pro Brandon McMillan shares his entire swim jig setup. You don't want to struggle to maintain the jig off the bottom. If you're ready to start fishing Flipping Jigs for bass, pick up the Harmony Fishing 20 Piece Flipping Jig Kit today! FULLY RIGGED, INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED. Therefore, use the suggestions above in practice and training so that they become second nature when you hit the open water on race day. The best jig rod has a medium/heavy power with a casting setup to provide a little more strength when battling big bass in the weeds. 2 in 2020 Drag, swim, stroke, or flip and retrieve through rock, trees, bushes and grass with ease. In this set you get 2 swim jigs for one great price. The head shape, hook size and gauge, color and skirt style, weed guard, and trailer all impact performance. Swim Jig Setup. ►►• Wear Your Love of Fishing with Pride! Swim jigs are some of the most effective and versatile lures around, and that isn’t lost on John Cox. Sometimes he’s caught them really good waking the swim jig just under the surface and bulging the water to draw savage attacks. Kennedy finds the best swim jig bite during post spawn, when the water is between 68 and 75 degrees, the shad spawn is on, and bass are ready to chase. Although most people will swim in a large circle if left alone and without ever bothering to pick their heads up to see where they are going, most triathletes are knowledgeable of the need to sight yet they still make a few critical errors while doing so. This rod has a great action to accurately cast a 1/4oz swim jig on target every time. Only the smallest amount of head movement should be used. 4 in 2020 Extreme Realistic: Featuring realistic angry on-fire-eyes, these swim jigs outstand from all its competitors with a 3D baitfish head. ScoutLook Pro Contributor shows how to rig a swim jig for bass fishing. Soft Plastic Baits, 5 pack of Z-Man Finesse Shroomz Jig Heads (1/10oz), and the comprehensive "How To Fish The Ned Rig for Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass" Guide by Harmony Fishing Company, The Ned Rig has proven to catch both high quality and high quantities of fish, even when other lures aren't triggering bites, "How To Fish The Ned Rig" includes information on how to work the bait, as well as where to most effectively fish it during different times of year, The Harmony Fishing 20pc Flipping Jig Kit includes: (2) Harmony 3/8oz Tungsten Flipping Jigs, (2) Slip-On Jig Rattles, (5) Bait Pegs, (4) Modular Jig Skirts, (6) NetBait Paca Chunk Soft Plastic Trailer Baits, (1) Harmony "How To Fish: Flipping Jigs" Guide. Harmony Fishing Company Ned Rig Kit - Z-Man Finesse T.R.D. Cover contact draws big bass. With that in mind, remember that the goal is to swim as straight as possible, streamlining the distance covered and minimizing the time spent in the water. I share my set up suggestions for fishing the Trophy Bass Company Swim Jig. Its not uncommon to catch more than 1 fish at a time on these. Let’s take a look at some of the gear you’ll need. Choose a swim jig rod you believe in and build your system around that. What attributes are you looking for in a bladed jig? Using the incorrect rod and reel will impact your casting, and you’ll miss out on some opportunities. Which brand and styles are the best and what trailers work best? The Best Swim Jig Bass Fishing Set Up. When sighting, change the beginning of your catch. First things first, you need to have the right gear if you expect to have any success with jigging. It’s not in our nature to accept accidents as better ways of doing things. Basically anything that eats shad wont pass this up. He’ll even reach for one when the water is cold. Bill Lowen will discuss the tackle you need for fishing a swim jig, including the rod, reel & bait. Several folks have laid claim to creating the swim jig or the swim jig technique. 3. 17:24 Swim jig fishing tackle setup (rods, reels & line) 21:44 Chatterbaits or bladed jigs - when, where and how Jordan Lee likes to fish a bladed jig; 30:00 Jordan Lee's favorite bladed jigs. Swimming a jig for bass is one of Bill Lowen's favorite techniques. The swim taxes your upper body much more so than the other two events, and, if done inefficiently, it can steal vital energy from you that you'll need during the bike and the run. ►►• All our Playlists! Poor sighting form causes the hips and legs to drop significantly, which, in turn, results in more drag as the body encounters additional water after falling from the streamlined position. The included guide even explains when, where, and how to fish the jigs during different times of year on your local lakes and ponds. The Bryan Schmitt swimjig rod feels good in your hands right away. Finally, it creates a more crossed over kick line, or, at worst, a complete pause in the kick, both of which throw off the fluency of the swim form. Use a stout medium heavy 7 foot rod to get good casting distance. Best Jig Rod For Bass Everything you need to start fishing flipping jigs for largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass. The best way to fish this swimbait is with a 1/8 oz darter jig head on a light spinning rod. “A more subtle swimming jig is better in cold water,” he described. Take quick glances. Over the course of hundreds of tournaments, he has witnessed many of his biggest swim jig bass have come when his jig actually "hung up" for a second on the cover. But that’s not the only time he picks one up. Prepare to get bites with this awesome softplastic swimbait. 1 in 2020. ►►• Crappie and Panfish Fishing Videos! Includes premium tackle components, the same that we supply to tournament and expert fishermen: Top of the line tungsten jigs, modular-skirt-system for quickly selecting your favorite jig color without needing to purchase several different color jigs, slip-on jig rattles to add sound for fishing stained/muddy water, and Bait Pegs to keep your trailer baits pegged in place on your hook and lasting longer. But, if you want to increase your odds of getting bit use a jig designed as a swim jig. People vary some on their rod choice here, but I strongly suggest using something at least 7’ and something in the Medium Heavy range. Type: Swim Jig Colors: Eight Color Options Quantity of Lures: 2 Pack. It works anytime and anyplace where bass are holed up in heavy cover. 1. Lucky Tackle Box Media, the best tips in fishing. Sighting is a basic idea that, if done well, can shave precious seconds off your swim time and allow you to retain as much stored energy as possible for the remainder of the race. Spooling up your baitcasting reel with 12lbs flourocarbon will also make a difference. ►► ==================================FOLLOW US HERE AS WELL==================================website: http://www.wired2fish.cominstagram: Full head and neck, and sometimes even upper shoulders, leaving the water seriously inhibits the body's ability to cut the water cleanly, and it disallows the arms to remain in a consistent rhythm. Matt breaks down everything you need to know from jighead design, jig colors, jig trailers, swimbaits, etc. There were guys in Alabama, Wisconsin, Arkansas and more using this technique 20 years ago an… We have an extensive library of freshwater fishing tips, fun fishing videos, fishing tackle reviews and a lot more. ►►• Bass Fishing Videos! Check Price on If you love fishing and are wired2fish like we are, we’d love to have you be a part of our community! It has a great power … If that doesn’t work they will try other colored Rayburn Swim Jigs including the just released lite hitch, southern bream, threadfin shad, blue gizzard shad, alewife and sun perch. 4″ Inch Ayu Keitech Easy Shiner Nicely balanced and great feel. Gets bass attention from far distances. Bass Jigs Set Football Jigs Fishing Lure Kit Swim Jig Bass Weedless Bulk with Trailers Flipping Jigs Silicone Skirts Kit Craw Baits for Bass Fishing Lure 18pcs BESTSELLER NO. The number three spot belongs to the Reaction Tackle Tungsten Swim Jig. In my opinion, the best swim jig stick on the planet is the Denali Kovert LT 723WJ. ►►• Our Most Popular Fishing Tips! He'll tell you why you need a fast reel and why don't want to swim a jig … Bass Fishing Jig Setup: What Gear to Use. Bill Lowen has perfected swimming a jig for bass through decades of trial and error fishing tournaments and fun fishing all over the country. 59 Hey Junkies, Check this video out to see how I set up my swim jigs. This bass fishing style is quite different from the finesse action you’d experience when drop shotting or throwing wacky worms around structure.. Having a dedicated jig rod setup is an important part of having success with this fishing technique. As for colors, Hackney likes Cataouatche special for stained water, sexy shad for clearer water and chartreuse perch when targeting smallmouth. Normally they begin with a Rayburn Swim Jig matching the forage color patterns. Apr 22, 2019 - Finally, I feel like I can share with you the hands down best swim jig bass fishing. It alters the best position for the hand and forearm during the pull phase, which decreases speed and efficiency while also adding to needless fatigue. Maximize Swim Jig Effectiveness With the Right Gear - YouTube The tactic allows you to quickly cover water and can be fished through nearly every habitat type nationwide. Swimming a jig fits the Forrest Wood Cup champ’s shallow style perfectly, and he seems to always weigh in bass caught with the technique. But he’s had a lot of days where changing to a slow-rolling retrieve produced better. Lastly, Bill stresses the importance of the right rod action, reel speed and line rating to efficiently put the swim jig to work with maximum action and casting accuracy while minimizing fatigue. Grey, White, and Black colors are great for any time of the year and any type of water clarity, ADEQUATE SIZE. Also Includes (5) 9cm long Swim Baits and (5) 7g Jig Head as shown in the picture, BASS CAN'T RESIST! 2. The rod handles both 1/4- and 3/8-ounce jigs very well. He says the bait will run 5 to 6 feet on that set-up. We’re quick to write things off as flukes because of our skeptical nature. Best Set-Up for the Keitech Easy Shiner. It will discuss the best rod, reel and line for fishing swim jigs, as well as the best swim jig fishing trailers like craws and swimbaits. You can cast it a mile, and the darter jig head helps keep the bait horizontal as you retrieve it through the water. 10 in 2020 PACKAGE INCLUDED: Available in 3pcs 3/8 oz and 3pcs 1/4oz Football Jig, 6pcs Silicon Rubber Skirt, 6pcs Beavers Soft Baits. Choosing a productive swim jig requires careful analysis of its overall build. “But if you’re dragging a jig in clear water, that’s a different scenario.” #3 - Match your trailer to conditions. Terminator Pro's Jig (Black Blue Purple, 1/4-Ounce) BESTSELLER NO. Thank you for your support!!! Everything you need to learn to fish the Ned Rig, Includes 8 pack of Z-Man Finesse T.R.D. ►►• Come Fishing with Us! Here they are, and when to use each jig color: Contrast/Black & Blue. FLW Pro Bass Fisherman Scott Martin shares his fishing tips and techniques. He delivers guidance on jig trailer selection and 3 jig colors that'll have you covered anywhere, anytime. Set yourself up with a couple jigs in each of the following colors, and you’ll be all set 99 percent of the time, anywhere bass swim, under any water conditions. They have eight color options and three sizes to choose from so whatever fish you are targeting you have an attractive option. Concentrate on your kick as you sight. Alabama Rig Featuring 5 Arms, and 8 Willow Leaf Blades, 20cm long from tip of head to end of arms. Many triathletes will soften their kick as they look up, yet those on the more advanced levels remain consistent and strong with their legs and feet. Fact is, any jig lure retrieved as a swimming jig can catch a bass, sooner or later. Please comment, rate and subscribe!!! These ever-changing conditions can challenge you both physically and mentally, and they do what every triathlete hopes to avoid: get you off course. The quality components are evident as you unpackage the rod. To avoid these pitfalls and improve your swim time, try these three simple suggestions to make sighting in the open water smoother. The overwhelming size of swim jig fished is 1/4 ounce though they come as small as 1/8 ounce for very shallow water and can be found as large as 7/8 ounce for deeper water. When he first started swimming a jig, he was power swimming it with the rod high and imparting the quick pulses with the rod tip. Knowing what equipment to use will allow you to get the most out of the system - Bill breaks it down in detail here.He starts by describing the right jig head style for sliding through cover such as grass and wood with minimal fouling, while also maintaining some lift in the water. LOOKS LIKE A SCHOOL OF SHAD. The color chosen for this bait is a natural Shad color. Best Swim Jig Setup in 2020. #bassfishing #wired2fish #fishingSUBSCRIBE for more awesome fishing tips! CATCH MORE THAN 1 AT A TIME. An ideal ideal starting point for those looking to get into. Dr.Fish 5PCs Fishing Weedless Jigs Set Swim Jig Bass Fishing Lure Silicone Skirt Artificial Bait Tuna Salmon Redfish Hard Bait Flipping Jig BESTSELLER NO. We post some of the coolest fishing pictures and videos on our social channels.

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